Patrick T. Hoffman

2nd Year MSUP student at GSAPP and a Bachelor of Architecture from Drexel University. My current research interests lie in rightsizing, cohousing, networks and design pedagogy.

Visualizing the Pulse of a Place
Cuidad Universitaria, Mexico City

As a "city within the city" the urban university represents an important place to understand. Within Mexico City the Ciudad Universitaria (University City) is the main campus for the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). UNAM is the largest institution of higher education in Mexico. It's main campus, is so large it is often described as a separate region within Mexico City.

This project visualizes the pulse of UNAM's main campus, Cuidad Universitaria, over one week by using population and mobility data provided by Telefonica. From sketches showing the spatial relationship between dorms and classrooms to academic checkins and checkins at bars and nightclubs this project progressed to a detailed study of BTS data tracking the population of UNAM and an aggregate of six months of trips to and from the campus at each hour of the day during a full week.